Web Banner sizes

Meaning of this web... is simple. Web-banner sizes are "standardized". If you need to know these sizes, but you can't remember them, if you're interested in exact dimensions of banners, width, height or special name of them, you can use our sexy site everytime. It'll be our pleasure. :-)

(First dimension is always the width.)

Most frequent sizes

Full Banner

468x60 px

Full Banner (468x60)

Half Banner

234x60 px

Half Banner (234x60)

Button 1

120x90 px

Button 1 (120x90)

Button 2

120x60 px

Button 2 (120x60)

Vertical Banner

120x240 px

Vertical Banner (120x240)

Micro Button

88x31 px

Micro Button (88x31)


80x15 px. Well I didn't find anywhere how is this size called.

Button?  (80x15)


250x250 px

Square (250x250)

Square button

125x125 px

Square button (125x125)


120x600 px

Skycraper (120x600)

Wide Skycraper

160x600 px

Wide Skycraper (160x600)

Banner sizes summarized

  • Full banner 468x60
  • Full banner with navigation bar 392x72
  • Half banner 234x60
  • Button1 120x90
  • Button2 120x60
  • Vertical banner 120x240
  • Rectangle 400x260, 180x150
  • Medium rectangle 300x250
  • Vertical rectangle 240x400
  • Large Rectangle 336x280
  • Micro button / Micro bar 88x31
  • 80×15 Button 80x15
  • Square 250x250
  • Square button 125x125
  • Half square banner 150x150
  • Head banner 745x100
  • Leaderboard 728x90
  • Wide Skycraper 160x600
  • Skycraper 120x600
  • Half Page / Splitscreen 300x600

Anything else?

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